The Viking concept of Valhalla is an idea with which many of today’s Veterans relate.  Valhalla is a powerful conceptual trigger which evokes feelings of completion, value and purpose for Warriors who have Valhalla is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization approved by the IRS had to face their own mortality. 


Valhalla was in the Viking mythos a place where only warriors could go after death and only if they had fought well.  It was a place where fallen Warriors would go to rest and to prepare for the battle at the end of the world Valhalla Veterans Services is to be a place where only Warriors go to prepare for the future battles of life.

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Stop Suicides in the Warrior Community

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Evolve into a platform where all warriors, first responders,and supporting organizations can come together under one operating network. Effectively provide hope, purpose and connection to every warrior in need, while creating a cultural change in the way society views, researches and treats suicide.sion is to Stop Suicides in the Warrior Community

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The customers we serve are Warriors(veterans and first-responders) who have faithfully served our Nation and their families. Any Veteran, Service Member, First-Responder or their dependents is welcome here.

Veteran is defined as anyone who has served in the Armed Forces of the United States of America for more than 180 consecutive days or has completed 6 years of Service in a Reserve of the Armed Forces. Service Member is defined as anyone who is currently serving in the Active or Reserve Armed Forces of the United States of America.

Valhalla is primarily focused on providing services for the 26,255 (United States Census Bureau, 2012) Veterans who live in Lackawanna (19,349), Susquehanna (4,377), and Wyoming (2,529) counties. These Veterans live in areas where there are few Veteran services available either through governmental or non-governmental organizations. This population group is widely dispersed throughout the three counties and in many cases is disenfranchised with the traditional services provided by the Veterans Administration or by the distance they need to travel in order to receive services.

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