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Feeling Alone?

Did you know that veterans are roughly 7% of the US population? 7 can fell like the loneliest number in the world. It’s okay to feel different, because you are different. Different does not mean broken. At Valhalla we understand because we are warriors too.


If you are struggling, let Valhalla help you to make it to tomorrow. 


Some􏰀times life really sucks and you may have considered suicide as a real soluti􏰀on to your problems. Sometimes it seems like suicide would be be􏰁tter than living with failure. It’s okay to think about suicide, it is okay to talk about Suicide, but it is not okay to kill yourself. Warriors do not quit. Warriors do not leave a comrade behind. Warriors do not cause harm to fellow warriors. Suicide creates a tsunami of pain and a huge mess for others to clean up.


You were brave enough to run toward danger, now be brave enough to ask for help!

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