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The traditions of the “Military Ball” can be traced back to the Roman Empire, The Vikings, and into medieval times.  The American tradition finds its roots in 1776 when General George Washington institutes these formal occasions for the Continental Army.  Today, all services of the military practice elaborate versions of military balls often called "Dining-in", "Dinning-out or a "Ceremonial Mess".  Each service has their own customs and ceremonies which teach the Junior members the traditions and codes of honor for their branch.  Valhalla Veterans Services practices this time honored celebration to create a welcoming place where Warriors can engage with each other and with those outside the Warrior Community in a positive and fun way.

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What is a Military Ball?

If you plan on attending you should know that we take protocol very seriously or I should say very hilariously.  During the evening it is very likely that someone will break the the rules of the mess (see below).  If you do you can expect that someone will complain to Mr. Vice, who is charged to maintain the order and good conduct of the evening.  Now before you decide to complain to Mr. Vice that your table mate has disparaged your honor, be aware that Mr. Vice usually has little patience for cry-babies and you may end up being punished yourself.  The punishments range from being made to stand in a corner with a dunce cap or having to drink from the grog bowl, or you can of course always voluntarily pay for your crimes with a small donation, unless Mr. Vice believes the offence too grievous to allow you to buy-out.

What about fines and Mr. Vice?

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Rules of the Mess

Dress Code

The rule of thumb is... It's Formal.  You wear the absolute best that you have.  Police and EMS (same as military) are expected to wear their formal attire.  Male civilians wear a tuxedo or equivalent while ladies wear a full gown.  Veterans may wear miniature medals on a black jacket.  For more information click the buttons on the side.

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When you attend the Valhalla Fall Ball you will receive an authentic hand crafted Valhalla Drinking Horn!  Vikings didn't drink alone and neither should you!  Buy more now!

Orders must be received No Later Than 15 October 2019

Horns will not be available until 16 November 2019

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